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#StartupSaturday - Apply for Blue Startups Cohort #4

I just wanted to remind all you entrepreneurs out there that there is one more week to apply for Blue Startups Cohort #4.

source: bluestartups.com

Team Recruitment

Blue Startups intends to recruit teams both in Hawaii and globally via our media outreach, mentor network, promotional partners and affiliations with Asian and Silicon Valley accelerators and the Global Accelerator Network. Blue Startups will select only teams that are highly qualified with a demonstrated ability to succeed. All selected companies must be at a stage in the companies’ life where it is able to take advantage of the program; while at the same time have enough progress with the product that risks of failure have been mitigated. All teams will be required to submit an application via the F6S online application platform maintained by GAN.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Minimum of two founders per team, maximum of four founders on a team.
  • The majority of the team must live in Hawaii for the duration of the program.
  • One co-founder must have a technical background.

Here are a few articles to read if you are still on the fence:

Should You Join an Accelerator?
Dear Awesome Startups Don’t Join an Accelerator Unless…
Why Joining an Accelerator Isn’t for Every Startup

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#FoodFriday - Feminism and the Cooking Decline

“Feminism unintentionally led to a generation unable to cook for themselves, and created the industrial food complex that we have today.” Actually, the industrial food complex would owe it’s start to the generation before, but is there some truth to feminism creating the cooking disconnect that took place? Or is there something else to blame?

I didn’t grow up in a feminist household, so I really have no clue what their dinners were like. I grew up in Hawai‘i with three generations under the roof. Our grandmother did most of the cooking for the family. I don’t ever remember my grandfather cooking anything, but my uncle cooked quite a bit too.

My grandmother was an awesome cook—as I suspect all grandmothers are—but did she enjoy cooking? It was something I probably took for granted. I enjoy my mom’s cooking too, although I know now that she doesn’t like to cook. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t do it day-in and day-out. For me it’s because I have a craving for a particular dish, or I want to experiment with something I saw on the Food Network/Travel Channel/Facebook.

I learned to cook from my mom, but my brother didn’t. My brother is only two years younger, but I don’t really remember him being in the kitchen helping with stuff. Of course we had no problem using the microwave. And I can always remember those packs of sandwich meats and plastic wrapped slices of cheese were always at hand. But still, to this day, he doesn’t really cook anything.

Perhaps the reason a generation didn’t grow up learning to cook has more to do with the sheer amount of work that Americans are putting in and lot less with “unchaining women from the stove”.

Is Feminism really to blame?  I highly doubt it,  It’s probably all the rock music, video games, and drugs ;-P

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#TEDxTuesday - @Wefficiency Meets Urban Planning…#sortof

I think Wefficiency is such an awesome model to not only bring energy efficiency to non-profits but to realize financial savings for them as well.  What if all new buildings were designed to be energy efficient from the beginning?

Well, Bob Barrett explains why some developers are reluctant to do so, and some steps to help overcome that reluctance.

source: Changing the Urban Develop Paradigm | Bob Barrett | TEDxTeachersCollege

He wasn’t the most exciting speaker, but I thought it is an exciting idea to explore.  What if Wefficiency provided not only financing for Energy Conserving Measures for private developers, but connections to design firms as well?

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#MakerMonday - Giant Jenga/Truth or Dare Mashup

I have fond memories of playing Jenga at my cousin’s house in Manoa and of playing truth or dare back in the intermediate dorms at Kamehameha.  Let’s try building a mashup.

source: Big Bang Theory

I know they have a regular-sized version of the game, but I think a giant one would just be more fun.  I think I’ll follow their use of different colored blocks; one for truth, and the other for dare, and blanks to make your own.

If anyone has made their own giant Jenga set, some tips would be appreciated.

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#WebDevWednesday - #Popcorn #Maker from @Mozilla’s @Webmaker

Completely by chance I learned about Webmaker and found that they actually had a tool called Popcorn Maker.


What is Popcorn Maker?

Popcorn Maker helps you easily remix web video, audio and images into cool mashups that you can embed on other websites. Drag and drop content from the web, then add your own comments and links —all within your browser. Popcorn Maker videos are dynamic, full of links and unique with every view.

See how Popcorn Maker is different from other video editors

You can build:

  • an animated gif with sound
  • a documentary with dynamic links
  • a video profile to introduce yourself to the world
  • and more!

Here’s how to get started. Once you’re comfortable, read up on some tips and tricks and starter ideas.

Share this article: http://mzl.la/1bRx02x

source: support.mozilla.org

So after scrounging for memes and animated gifs, I finally finished this. The fun thing about Popcorn Maker is that it is easy to remix anyone’s project. Try it out!

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#MakerMonday - #Popcorn Boxes Part I

HICapacity recently added a popcorn emoji to their Slack, and while it was fun having many users all creating their own custom emoticons, there is nothing quite as awesome as a simple box of popcorn.

source: www.whatspoppinup.com

This week I will create my own popcorn box.

I’ve been searching for templates online, and still haven’t found what I’m looking for.  Basically I want a template that fits onto 11” x 17” cardstock.  I may end up tweaking a design in Gimp.

Should I keep the classic red and white striped design or try something totally different?

Hopefully, I will have some samples to show off for Thursday’s HSDC/Mbloom thing (to be moderated by Spencer Toyama!)  Also I joined a new meetup group, 808 Browncoats, where custom popcorn boxes are sure to be a hit!

Damn.  Now I want popcorn.

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#CivicSunday - #CivicCelerator’s #Hawaii Power Ballot App

source: civic.celerator.org

Civic*Celerator—a joint project from Common Cause Hawaii and Hawaii Open Data with funding from Voqal—was in the news last week highlighting two of their apps utilizing Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission data; one focusing on campaign fundraising and the other on campaign spending.  Now Civic*Celerator is working on an ambitious app from Citizen Developer and mapping guru, Royce Jones; the Hawaii Power Ballot.

Royce introduced his idea for the Hawaii Power Ballot last month at a Civic*Celerator workshop.  The basic goal of the app is to provide relevant candidate information to voters in a quick and simple way.  He is leveraging some tools that he already built and combining them with candidate data researched by volunteers to build an app to help voters make better-informed decisions.

Once completed, voters will be able to simply type in their address (or click on their home from a map) and find out their voting location and receive a sample ballot with links to the candidate’s information and online presence.  Future iterations will be able to pull in data from other Civic*Celerator apps to provide a more complete view of the candidate.

source: github.com/codeforhawaii

This effort is being spearheaded by Royce, and fellow CitizenDev, Jason Axelson on Github.  Feel free to fork the project and help contribute.

To help research candidates and enter data please email: civiccelerator@gmail.com

I’m awed by the resourcefulness of our citizens who build tools that empower all of us.

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#StartupSaturday - Mbloom/HSDC Host Townhall at @TheBoxJelly

Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation and Mbloom are planning a townhall meeting on Thursday 6:30pm, July 24, 2014 at The Box Jelly to “address the community’s questions around mbloom’s investment strategy” which sparked some controversy in #StartupParadise earlier this month.

UPDATE: tickets available on eventbrite

source:  ryanesaki.com

See what all the hubbub’s about:

Spencer Toyama setup a subreddit for people to post their questions and Travis Ryan set up a google form for those that wanted to ask anonymously.

What questions would you ask?

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#FoodFriday - From the Front Lines of Kaua‘i

Join the families from Waimea, Kauai who are most impacted by pesticide drift and the statewide network of allies who helped them to pass Ordinance 960 which requires disclosure of pesticide use and buffer zones around homes schools and hospitals. Chemical Companies are now suing the county to stop this regulation. Join us and learn more about their amazing victory and their continued struggle to protect the health of their aina and community

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#ThinkerThursday - Another Year Around the Sun

Grateful for all the well wishes today.  It was one of the most peaceful birthdays I’ve had in awhile; nothing big or fancy.  I met some new people at the StartupLand  Screening at Kakaako Agora.  I helped my old Wefficiency teammate make a new connection.  I learned some new stuff along the way.

I got to reconnect with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  I chatted with relatives around the world. I feel updated and refreshed.

Another journey around the sun awaits.  I’m ready.

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#MakerMonday - It’s All About #HNLMKF!


Honolulu Mini Maker Faire is going to be happening on Saturday, March 15, Noon-5pm at The Sullivan Center at ‘Iolani School.  As far as I know, the idea for Honolulu’s own Maker Faire began at Unconferenz 2013.  From that one session, local makers took it upon themselves to start organizing and trying to make it a reality, and now it’s finally here!  It’s free so register to attend now.

I think most of the maker booths will be on the third floor of the Sullivan Center in the flexible project space and short workshops going on in the seminar room.  I hear Hawaii VR was pretty popular at GeekDay at LCC and it’s always fun to see what Ka’i, Jessie and the rest of the crew are doing.  Also i’m looking forward to the Kickstarter workshop towards the end of the day.


On the first floor, expect to see more of the outdoorsy kind of stuff like blacksmithing, drone flying, and a wacky WiMax attena array.  Also at the senior benches I believe there will be soldering workshops going on and maybe conductive paint projects from HiCapacity.


And if that wasn’t enough, there will be short guided tours of the Sullivan Center itself throughout the day.  It truly is an awesome building and great site for Honolulu’s first Mini Maker Faire.


all images from Honolulu Mini Maker Faire and ‘Iolani School respectively

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